​​martin​ worthy  


3.Moon On Water

There’s an old folk tale that this is based upon. A fellow walks by a river / lake / pool of water and sees the moon’s reflection. He cups his hands and reaches down to pick it up but it merely flows through them. In various versions, he’s a hungry peasant and thinks the moon is cheese, or he’s greedy and thinks it’s gold, or he’s just a hapless dreamer and is trying to possess a beautiful object. Either way it ends in disappointment. It's an apt metaphor for some of our endeavors. Scratch deep enough and in any of us, you’ll find the memory of the water flowing through our fingers.

1.Everyone's Gone To The Moon

This is an old song from @ 1965 written and performed by Jonathan King. When I was 14, after some spinal surgery, I was laid out in hospital and  immobilized for 6 weeks. There was nothing to do but listen to top 40 radio. This tune was on regular rotation. On the surface it seemed to be just a pop ballad. Another tuneful ditty swathed in swirling strings and reverb. But the lyric was different. It spoke of hypocrisy, greed and loneliness. Compared to most of what was being played on AM radio at the time, it was pretty heady stuff. I spent (and had) hours going over the implications of what the song was trying to say. Great fodder for an adolescent brain. A few years later when I was hiking around Europe playing in bars etc., an Irish fellow borrowed my guitar and played his own version and in doing so, imbued it with a different and deeper meaning. It was a revelation to discover that songs could be stretched  and sculpted in this fashion to such great effect. For some reason it has never left me. Call it a forty-five year long ear worm:) My rendition is nothing like his or Jonathan King’s for that matter, but I hope it finds a place in someone else’s “A” rotation. Great pedal steel playing from Burke and thanks to my daughter Megan for her beautiful vocals.

2.Dog Days

Not much to add here. Inspired by a trip up to northern Ontario to a place on a river. I can recall looking up and seeing both the sun and the moon in the burning blue sky. It was like the moon was too lethargic to get out of the sun’s way. It was a really really hot dayAnother nod to Burke and to Steve for terrific playing.

-New EP Notes-

4.Play That Record

I still love the sound of vinyl records! What can I say? There’s magic in those scratchy grooves and the ritual of flipping it over etc. . Kudos to Stuart for arranging and playing all (!!) the horns on this and to my daughter Megan for her terrific vocals. We had a blast doing this!